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Steve Irwin’s Son Cuddles a Koala and Looks Just Like His Dad

It's not the first time fans had to do a double-take.

Robert Irwin/Instagram; Australia Zoo/Facebook

Some families have genes so strong it’s hard to tell the dad from the son, and this holds true for the Irwin family. The late Steve Irwin’s son, Robert, posted a photo to Instagram and immediately fans commented on how much he looks like his dad, and it’s giving us strong nostalgia vibes.

In the photo, 16-year-old Robert is cuddling up to a Koala bear he’s holding in his arms. Robert is wearing his Australia Zoo khaki uniform, and his photo looks nearly identical to a photo of his dad taken years before his death.

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Fans noticed, too, and were quick to point out how twin-like he is to his dad, the late Crocodile Hunter. “Did anyone else think this was Steve at first?” a fan questioned. Another writes, “I legit thought this was Steve.”

We all have a soft spot for koalas. Steve and Terri opened the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital in 2004 to treat sick,…

Posted by Australia Zoo on Sunday, January 19, 2020

Steve was a well-known wildlife expert who did media appearances teaching the world about animals and was working on a documentary series Ocean’s Deadliest when he was attacked by a stingray. He died September 4, 2006, at only 44-years-old, and Robert was only 2 years old.

This isn’t the first time Robert gave fans a double-take of how much he looks like his dad. Last summer in July 2019, Robert shared a side-by-side photo of him and his dad doing identical poses as they fed the same crocodile named Murray. The photos were taken 15 years apart and they could easily be mistaken for the same person.

The Irwin family has been doing everything to keep their dad’s memory and passions alive, and have been especially helpful during the Australian wildfire crisis. Robert, his sister Bindi, and their mom Terri rescued and treated over 90,000 animals, taking care of them at their Wildlife Hospital at the Australia Zoo, which they own and operate.

There’s no doubt his dad would be proud.