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Michael Phelps And 7 Other U.S. Gold Medal Winners Who Are Parents


From Aly Raisman to Simone Biles, here has been plenty of coverage over the course of the 2016 Rio Games about the parents of Olympians and how to raise Olympic athletes. That might make you feel better about all those swim lessons, but if you’re looking to be inspired by Olympic medalists who are parents, there’s one big takeaway: you might need swim lessons, too. Or a mean pickup basketball game.

There were a total of 121 American medalists this year, 46 of them men and 75 women with the average age of 25 years old. Of these, 8 including Phelps were parents, 6 dads and 2 moms, and they all have at least one gold medal to show for it. If you’re not ready to let go of your own Olympic dreams (and start projecting them onto Junior), the following list suggests playing for your family can help.

Olympic Medal Winners With Kids

Carmelo Anthony
The all-time leading scorer for the USA Men’s National  Team, Anthony is a 3-time gold medal winner, which you shouldn’t hold against the 32-year-old even if you don’t love the Knicks. He has a son named Kiyan.

DeMar DeRozan
This was the basketball player’s first Olympics and gold medal. He has a daughter named Diar and plays for Toronto in the regular season, but don’t hold that against him.

Kyle Lowry
Like DeRozan, Lowry is a basketball player who took home his first gold medal this year (their kids are also pals). The 30-year-old is the father of 2 boys, Karter and Kameron.

Paul George
Rounding out the men’s team, George is the youngest parent in the Olympics to win a medal at age 26, let alone his first gold. He has a young daughter named Olivia.

Olympic Medal Winners With Kids

Dana Vollmer
At age 28, Vollmer already swam her way to 4 gold medals (and a few silver and bronze too, but who’s counting), set the world record for 100-meter butterfly in 2012, and even had time to make a baby — her son Arlen.

David Plummer
The 30-year-old backstroke swimmer won his first gold medal this year along with the bronze, which he’ll likely give to his 2 sons Will and Ricky one day, depending on who he likes more.

Michael Phelps
You know him, you love him, and he’s retiring as the most decorated Olympian in history with 23 gold medals and 28 overall. He is the father to a baby boy named Boomer, not to be confused with a baby boomer.

Kristin Armstrong
Not playing basketball or swimming, this 43-year-old cyclist is the one outlier on the list. The 3-time gold medal winner has a son named Lucas, and is not Lance Armstrong’s ex-wife despite sharing the same last name. She doesn’t have to share her medals with anyone … except her kid, of course.