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If You Think The Rich Kids Of Instagram Are Bad, Wait Until You Meet Their Parents


The Rich Kids Of Instagram combines everything a lot of dads hate — social media, spoiled brats, and too much information for the Tax Man. All those bottle-popping teens in Ferraris makes you wonder about their parents, it turns out the affluent, attention-seeking apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Meet the Rich Parents Of Instagram, and try not to hit them.

If you can’t fathom yourself or anyone you know participating in this (no matter how much money you make), that’s because this is seemingly for a very specific cross section of wealthy people. Take Maria Yotta, wife of German tycoon Bastian Yota, who’s featured on the account tossing stacks of cash in a bathtub, which is a weird way to make it less germy. But it’s not just the moms indulging in this trend. Real estate mogul Emir Bahadir has been known to post pics of his lavish lifestyle as well.

To be fair, they both have individual Instagram accounts that boast 692,000 and 213,000 respectively. It’s not like they woke up one day and decided to put their business out there. It’s probably not that slippery of a slope where more money equals more motivation to show it off on social media. So if you’re not stacking Instagram followers already, keep making that bacon and keeping it to yourself. And, for the love of God, make sure your kids do the same.

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