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Reviews Say ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Could Win an Oscar

People are calling it "practically perfect."


Mary Poppins Returns, starring Emily Blunt as the iconic nanny, could be in the running for an Oscar, according to reviews of early screenings. The much-anticipated sequel to the 1964 Disney film is receiving overwhelmingly positive marks from critics, who praise Blunt for exceptional acting and director Rob Marshall for creatively reimagining the childhood classic.

“Emily Blunt portrays the iconic nanny with such confidence and charm that she could land a Best Actress Oscar nomination,” wrote IndieWire‘s Bill Desowitz. His opinion was echoed by Gregory Ellwood of The Playlist, who added, “Blunt is absolutely superb and her performance puts her smack dab in the middle of the Best Actress race… she could be the surprise late arrival.”

Ellwood complimented Marshall, too, saying, “he deserves huge kudos for having the guts to tackle a sequel to such a beloved classic” and that the director “will no doubt earn a ton of respect from his peers for pulling it off.”

Fellow actors and actresses are also impressed with the remake. “Practically perfect in every way,” tweeted CBS’s Beth Behrs. “My favorite movie-going experience since childhood. If you don’t leave with a smile on your face and the warmest, gooey-est feeling in your heart then we can’t be friends. I loved every minute.”

Even the reviewers who were underwhelmed by the movie found at least one positive thing to say about it. Like Cosmopolitan‘s Yolanda Machado who, despite claiming “I was bored for the most part,” added, “BUT Emily Blunt is fantastic, kids will love it.”

And fans don’t have much longer to wait to see the flick for themselves—Mary Poppins Returns will finally hit theaters on December 19.