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Report Finds That Childcare Gap Shrinks Once Kids Head Off to School

However, moms still spend significantly more time with their kids in the early years.

Dads might still be seen by many as little more than glorified babysitters or second-string parents, but a new report shows they’re slowly assuming their fair share of the parenting pie. The latest Pursuit of Gender Equality report found that while America (and the rest of the world, for that matter) may still have a long way to go to achieve gender equality, we’re at least making significant progress in the area of parenting. A deep dive into how much time modern dads are spending with their kids compared to moms pointed to a dramatic increase from several decades ago.

The report notes that while dads in the past were primarily expected to be the breadwinners and do little in terms of actual parenting, today’s fathers are taking a more active role in raising their children. In one section of the report, researchers were even able to track how many minutes per day dads and moms are spending with their kids in countries all around the world.

The report showed that while dads still spend significantly less time with their kids when they are pre-K age, the gap all but disappears once kids head off to school. In fact, the difference in time spent between mother and father is now virtually nonexistent, reduced to a mere seven minutes less per day for dads. That’s huge. And it indicates that this younger generation of fathers are taking their parental role as seriously as their female counterparts.

That said, the fact that dads are still spending so little with their kids during the early years indicates there’s still a lot of room for progress. Hopefully, more will continue to take on their fair share of early parenting responsibilities and help turn the dreaded childcare gap into nothing more than an outdated myth.