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New Research Shows Your Marriage Is Awesome But Everyone Else Is Screwed

Congratulations on your awesome marriage! According to results from the American Family Survey, you’re pretty impressed with how you and the missus (or mister) are doing — you and the kids are apparently doing just fine, too. Unfortunately, everyone else is screwed.

The report, which surveyed over 3,000 people from all religions, political affiliations, ethnicities, and ages, found that 96 percent of married people believe their ties to their significant other are stronger or as strong as 2 years ago. But 83 percent also felt that U.S. marriages in general aren’t doing nearly as well as they’re doing. The same went for families — respondents said their families are 33 percent stronger than 2 years ago, but feel other families are only 9 percent stronger. Welcome to Judgeyville, population: you.

According to the researchers, this can be explained with something like confirmation bias, only in reverse. In TV, on film, and across social media, people are awash in images of failing marriages (why, Bennifer? Why?!), which feeds assumptions of everyone else’s marital incompetence while bolstering people’s confidence in their own.

Those same researchers would be quick to point out that people are notoriously dishonest when it comes to talking about their own marriages — especially when they’re talking to researchers with survey clipboards. But the report still contrasts with that oft-quoted statistic of a 40 percent divorce rate: 71 percent of people believe marriage is not an out-of-date institution; 62 percent agree that marriage is a necessary enabler of strong families, and 85 percent expressed satisfaction with their marriage as a whole.

Need even more proof that marriage is alive and well in 2015? Bennifer are getting back together!!!