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You Can Now Rent Iowa’s ‘Field of Dreams’ for a Modest $2,500 a Night

The field will be open for rental all year.


Many a baseball fan have probably dreamt about traveling to the heart of Iowa and visiting the site of Field of Dreams, one of the best dad movie of all time. Well, now they can: Denise Stillman, the current owner of the field, has opened it up to tourists for $2,200 a night on weekdays, and $2,500 a night for weekends.

Those who literally can’t imagine why a person would shell out one or two mortgage payments to sleep next to a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield have probably never seen the movie.

While each evening’s renter will have full reign over the entire field, people will still be able to make a pilgrimage to the field of dreams during the day. Stillman — who is a great marketer, it looks like — calls being near the field “surreal,” and she seems pretty confident that renting it out will be a huge success. Will ghosts of old-timey players appear? Who knows. Will lots of father-son games of catch take place on the hallowed grounds? Absolutely.