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If Your Candidate For President Loses The Election, Move To This Island Instead Of Canada

Parents might be divided when it comes to whether they want Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as their next president. Regardless of who wins or loses, you really don’t want to move to Canada just to be a man of your word. But if your candidate concedes — and you have the means — you don’t have to go full Randy Quaid. You can escape to your own self-sufficient Scottish island instead. And, it will only cost you a cool £1.95m (about $2,413,125). Don’t worry, it’s BYO kilt.

The UK real estate site Homes & Property originally reported the listing for Tanera Mor, an entire remote island near western Scotland. Measuring 1.2 miles wide and 1.6 miles long, the hideaway has 24-hours of electricity thanks to wind turbines and generators, broadband Internet, and your very own post office where you will never wait in line — because it’s your damn island! As for who works there … maybe your kid needs a summer job.

While you also have the option of purchasing one-third of the Tanera Mor for £700,000 (or $866,250), this isn’t the most practical solution for the political disillusionment you’re experiencing. Because what happens if you move and your only 2 neighbors on the island turn out to be obnoxious political supporters?

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