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Rekindle Your Love For Harry Potter With These Hilarious Snape Tweets

Even Snape knows 2020 is the worst.

Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s been a rough few months for fans of Harry Potter, with massive hordes of fans (and even Daniel Radcliffe) denouncing the author who brought the books to life for advancing anti-trans arguments on Twitter. But perhaps one Twitter account can rekindle fan’s love for the series — whether or not they’re happy with J.K.’s comments — and remind all fans why they liked the books so much to begin with. 

That twitter, Professor Snape (@_Snape_) has posted some absolutely hilarious tweets that are LOL-worthy. The Twitter riffs on current events and on historical events that happened in the Harry Potter universe — like reminiscing on when the titular character portrayed by Alan Rickman in the films murdered Dumbledore in order to save Draco Malfoy’s life (and on Dumbledore’s orders) or on the anniversary of the release of the final Harry Potter film. (The account often points to events in the book like the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, of when the hero trio broke into Gringotts, and more.) 

But the funny Tweets are worth staying on the account for. Here are some of the best: 


Still, fans might not be sure whether or not Snape is actually a “good guy.” Sure, he fought on the side of the resistance secretly at great personal cost, but he also tortured an 11 year-old-kid because he harbored a near-obsessive crush on his dead mom. And that is… slightly unforgivable. Anyway, Twitter is fun!