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Frivolous Fridge Quiz Lets You Guess Which Candidate People Support Based on The Contents of Their Refrigerator

The viral quiz comes courtesy of the...New York Times?

The New York Times/Lucid

The New York Times must be pretty bored because they published a new quiz that poses a simple question: can you tell a picture of a Trump supporter’s fridge from a picture of a Biden supporter’s fridge?

It’s a bizarre experiment, but it’s one that is deeply entertaining nonetheless and might reveal hidden biases that people might not realize they have. The results of the quiz so far, with 52 percent of the 14,847,193 guesses made by Times readers as of this writing, suggest that the answer for most people is that there’s no way to tell political affiliation by fridge contents. In the absence of an old bottle of Trump-branded vodka, it’s pretty difficult to glean someone’s political affiliation from the contents of their refrigerator.

That being said, the task was easier with some fridges than others. The four most frequently correctly guessed Trump fridges had attracted 86 to 87 percent correction responses; for the equivalent Biden fridges, those numbers were 83 to 90 percent. The most incorrectly guessed fridges had 88 to 89 percent of people choosing the wrong candidate—Trump supporters drink coconut milk too!

As you go through the quiz, you will occasionally be asked to click on the item that they felt best supported their conclusion. For Trump refrigerators, Cool Whip, a gallon of chocolate milk, generic Velveeta, and yellow mustard were the top details. For Biden freezers, organic miso, yogurt, and a large, open carton of eggs earned that distinction.

The Times ends the write-up of its experiment with a sobering note on the empty shelves that appear occasionally as you go through the quiz, which obviously presents a unique challenge in this quiz. Empty or nearly empty fridges were split “roughly evenly” between both kinds of supporters, and 12 percent of respondents said that their families didn’t have access to all the food they needed in the previous two weeks. That’s abhorrent in a country as rich as ours, and bringing that number down to zero should be a top priority no matter which man wins the presidency.

You can try your hand at the quiz here.