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Reddit Thread Explodes Over Dad Yelling at a Babysitter

If you yell at your babysitter because they aren’t potty training your toddlers, you’re the bad guy.

A Reddit thread exploded after a dad by the username u/twintwinstwin asked the popular subReddit r/AmITheAsshole whether or not he was in the wrong for yelling at the person who babysits his toddlers. “My wife and I are at odds over this and though I believe i am in the right, I’m open to others opinion [sic],” he begins the tome. 

Apparently, they have two twins at the age of 2 ½, and he describes them as “quite a handful.” The most important part of this situation is that they aren’t potty trained yet — and it appears that the parents aren’t on a united front on how to potty train. The dad says, “I tend to just give in to avoid their crying and tantrums. My wife believes discipline will help but it just leads to more tears and no progress.” So, that’s clearly the first problem. 

But here’s where it gets really sticky. He notes, “Recently we’ve start[ed] going back into work and hired a college student to watch the kids. She’s very caring and obviously loves working with the kids and my wife considers her a good friend we can trust with the children but I haven’t seen improvement.” Improvement in what, exactly? Well…

“We’ve told her how we want the kids potty trained and talking soon and while she definitely takes good care of the kids… there’s no improvement.” So it appears that the dad expects the babysitter to be responsible for raising the children and ensuring that they develop, which is interesting. 

He then writes: “The other day I came home to the twins crying and the sitter told me that one of them had ripped her clothes off and gone to the bathroom on the floor during nap time and I lost my temper and told her that that wouldn’t have happened if she had worked with the kids the way she should have.” Keep in mind that this is the dad who, earlier in the post, admitted that he isn’t potty training his kids because he wants to avoid their tantrums. “I told her that I expected the kids to have been progressing more by now,” as if the babysitter is a parent and not simply a babysitter. “She left soon after and must have texted my wife that night apologizing because my wife is PISSED. She said it isn’t a college student’s problem to raise our kids, she’s here to watch them and add on to what we build as parents.” 

Yeah, if it sounds like the wife is right in this situation, it’s because she totally is. “I think if you’re in charge of the kids you should be teaching them manners and speech and potty training them,” he wrote. Even though he clearly struggles to do it when he’s watching the children himself!

Commenters clearly exploded on the dude. “YTA and this must be a joke,” u/Lovegivingadvice wrote. “Potty training is YOUR JOB and they might not be ready. Speech delays? Get them professional help. IF you seriously want to outsource those duties you need to pay someone with loads of experience and not a college kid. You sound like a nightmare and I sure hope college kid quits on you like yesterday.” 

“YTA and a bad parent,” u/popcornllama wrote. “Not only do you actively undermine your wife you also expect your college babysitter to parent for you.” Another commenter wrote, “Imagine the fucking AUDACITY of this dude to be a complete failure as a parent and then ripping a college kid a new one for not being a parent and a professional speech therapist/ teacher at the same time.” 

Others noted when the dad admitted that he gives in to his kids when they are trying to potty train their children. “OP, you really need to see that you are the problem. No matter how good the sitter or the mom is, a father that just gives in will undo all the work.” 

The situation is so outrageous that some commenters were hoping that the situation was fake. Either way, hopefully, the post and the outrage is a wake-up call for a dad who needs to step up and be a parent.