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People Are Talking What They Didn’t Know Was Pricey Until They Grew Up. It’s Too Real

"The thing that inspired this question was damn curtains."

A Reddit thread asking people to share what they didn’t realize was so expensive until they were an adult has gone viral, and it’s too relatable. It’s funny how differently the world looks to us when we’re a kid. As a child, we tell ourselves we can’t wait until we’re an adult, so we can make our own choices and buy ourselves the name-brand cereal and not the generic like our parents.

But a cruel reality hits when we go grocery shopping for the first time on our own. That name-brand cereal is expensive. Good cheese is expensive. Having a car costs a whole lot more than just the price of buying the car.

Welcome to adulthood.

Redditor WhoElseButQuagmire11 posed the question to the Ask Reddit community. They wanted to know when others were children, what did they not realize was so expensive until they became an adult. Hundreds of people were able to identify the item that they were shocked at the price when they were all grown up. The entire thread is surprisingly relatable.

For WhoElseButQuagmire11, the item that shocked them and led to this question was when they saw the price of curtains. “The thing that inspired this question was damn curtains,” they wrote. “Not incredibly expensive overall, but for curtains, I was pretty surprised. Rugs/curtains were the death of my innocent childlike brain.”

For Sharper133, the cost of rugs was surprising. And dawrina agreed. “Area rugs are SO expensive for no reason. they go on the ground to be walked on and they’re like 500 dollars,” they replied.

In general, going to the grocery store for awildorchid32 was surprising as an adult. But there was one item that they had no idea was as pricey as it is. “Go to the grocery store for the very first time as an adult (on a very limited college student/entry level employee income) was extremely surprising/eye opening and very disappointing,” they shared. Adding, “I think it was laundry detergent that shocked me the most.”

Other things that also made the list includes the cost of maintaining a car, including how much it is to keep it in working condition. Furniture, which can mean saving several paychecks for good pieces that last. The cost of food, specifically how expensive cheese can be, surprised many of the Reddit users who participated in the thread.

Oh, and even flushing the toilet was on the list. “Flushing the toilet, until I saw my water bill ‘What’s a sewer service fee’?” Redditor shaka_sulu asked. And, honestly, this is so very true – the expenses we didn’t even think about as a kid really add up.

Sorry, mom and dad!