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Adults Of Reddit Give Necessary Advice To Young People In Viral Thread

Don't underestimate a good investment ― or the internet.

As parents, we hope to leave this world having given our kids everything they need to know to live a happy and fulfilling life. But there will always be gaps missing for various reasons. And now, a Reddit thread that has adults sharing the advice they think every young person needs to hear has gone viral, probably because everyone feels like they were underprepared for adulthood — and could have learned more about it when they were young.

A Reddit thread in r/AskReddit is full of these little gems of wisdom after user u/TheBigBoy101 asked: ” Adults of Reddit, what’s a piece of advice you think every younger person needs to hear?” The response was overwhelming and, as a result, it’s a thread full of information and really good advice.

“For the love of all that is holy, be careful what you put on the Internet,” ToErrDivine shared. Adding, “Don’t throw your real name, address, job, etc. around, don’t post dozens of photos of your private life every day, and don’t do stupid shit online.” He went on to say that we need to be careful about distasteful jokes, nude photos, and reminding us, “the Internet is forever and most of the time, it is not inclined toward mercy.”

Thedrewsef gave two-for-one advice, saying it’s important to “spend time figuring out what you like, not what’s cool. Trends evaporate but interests take root and can grow into all kinds of things.” Adding, “Oh and treat the people around you with love and respect. They might seem permanent but one day they’ll be gone.”

“None of the drama from high school will mean anything by the time you finish college,” writes coryhill66, which is really good advice for high school kids because everything can feel so big at that age.

A lot of people suggested starting saving money early so you’re set for retirement and the importance of learning to love yourself. Also, taking care of our body through exercise and eating good will save a lot of grief later, according to Reddit.

Other quick, but important advice included, ” You’re not a failure just because something didn’t work out,” and “never underestimate your ability to have a positive impact.” Another Redditor reminded us to “go to bed earlier,” and to “listen to your intuition.” Also, golgaltha writes a reminder to “get it in writing” whether that be a job offer, a promise, a favor, or anything “you think is a bit off.”

In total, the Reddit thread has close to 900 comments, and they all vary from obvious advice to really insightful thoughts we should give some time to. It’s not easy to be a kid growing up in this world, and adult life isn’t all roses all the time either but keeping many of these lessons and advice at the back of our mind can help us navigate those stressful times with a little bit more ease. And, really, that’s all we can ask for.