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Redditors Share What They’d Never Believe About Their Adult Lives As Kids

We think we know everything at 12 years old, but we're often *very* wrong, and this wholesome thread shows that.

As children, it’s fun to imagine what our life will be like when we’re all grown up. There’s a reason so many kindergarten assignments ask about career aspirations. It’s not because we expect 5-year-olds to know themselves that well. It’s because the answers are usually adorable, wholesome, and rarely ever ends up being what actually happens when they’re grown. As we get older, we start to really hone into our future hopes and wishes. But, as this Reddit thread highlights, even as a pre-teen, we have no idea how life will turn out.

Redditor Coronacel posed a question to the Ask Reddit community. They wanted to know what their 12-year-old selves would never believe about their adult selves. Thousands of answers later, it’s a thread full of adorable wholesome content.

User mumoftheweek shared that for them, their younger self would be surprised that “we never got that growth spurt we were promised.” Astarisborn replied and joked that their growth spurt did happen, but not how they anticipated. “Mine seems to have been horizontal rather than vertical,” they joked.

For blackcatice, they answered the Reddit thread saying that at 12-years-old they never would have anticipated the career they found themselves in. “That I own an ice cream shop,” was their answer, along with a mind-blown emoji. Young kids think that ice cream and pizza are the two greatest foods, and blackcatice is living their best life with unlimited ice cream, if they want it.

SirTheadore hit on something that our parents would tell us when we were younger, but we never believed. “That the brother I ‘hated’ would become my best friend,” they wrote. This one hit people in the feels, and some had the same experience, while others are still waiting for their sibling bond to form. “Yes, took me nearly 20 years to connect with my brother,” one person wrote. Another shared, “I’m still working on it with mine. It’s hard when you relate so much to another person, and yet you have vastly different personalities.”

“Hey, you know that girl over there you think is really weird,” Reddit user zerinsakech1 wrote. Adding, “You’re going to marry her.” It’s not often we hear stories of partners knowing each other from a young age. And when we do, it’s usually wrapped in an adorable story like this one.

When QueenBetsie shared their answer, we felt it deep in our souls. For them, the fact that they’re “in bed usually by 8:45 every night. To sleep 😳” is what would surprise their 12-year-old self. Some nights, we’re surprised by this as an adult, too.

It’s really interesting to revisit how we used to see the world. Back when we were kids with little responsibility and living in that naive bubble of kids’ imaginations.