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Viral Thread of New Adulthood Fears Proves Growing Up is Great

Being a kid is fun but avoiding breaking your bones is better.

When we’re kids, we have no idea how much we don’t know yet. We think we’ve figured it all out until we reach adulthood and can look back and cringe at how naïve we were. It’s a universal human experience, and it’s ultimately a good thing because when we reach adulthood, we can look back at all the times we thought we were invincible or widely underestimated a situation and just barely got out okay. Plus, that type of play is essential to human development. This brings us to a hilariously real viral Reddit thread highlighting fears that Redditors have as adults that they barely batted an eye at as a child — and it proves that growing up is okay.

A Reddit thread in r/AskReddit has people taking a walk down memory lane and sharing the moments in childhood that we were shielded from reality. Reddit user u/KillerQ97 asked: “What are you scared of as an adult that you weren’t scared of as a child?” The response was full of a mix of real serious topics and more playful ones. But each one is relatable.

“Getting injuries,” MajorNut said. “As a teen and young adult, I was very reckless, and nothing happened to me. I think back, and boy was I extremely lucky.”

For jsmiff573, it’s “breaking a bone.” They elaborate, “as a kid, I rode BMX, skateboards and didn’t think twice about jumping off something. Now the first thing that crosses my mind is, I can’t afford to get hurt.”

“Making friends” scares cherry_explosion03 now, but never as a child. They explain, “It’s hard as an adult to make friends with other adults. It was super easy when you’re a kid.”

QueRico91 was never afraid of not having a roof over their head as a kid. “Being homeless,” they admit, adding, “As a child, we assume that we will always have a roof over our heads, but when we grow up… It just gets real!”

“Acting silly,” is how dysgr_ace answered. The Redditor continued, sharing, “I was a playful kid, but now I have to be serious and boring, or people will think I’m stupid or crazy.”

Some more common answers that popped up a few times in the thread were things like dying, losing their parents, heights, wasps, and overall how dangerous the world really is.

In total, the Reddit thread has over 2.6 thousand comments that range from harmless silliness to real deep issues adults face. As an adult and a parent, it’s somewhat comforting to know that our kids don’t feel the weight of the world on their shoulders – at least not yet.