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Viral Thread of Adulthood Passions Proves How Much Growing Up Changes Us

Going to Home Depot was the worst as a kid, but now? Paradise.

It’s not exactly a secret that kids and adults see the world in radically different ways. But a recent Reddit thread revealed just how much growing up changes you by asking users to share something they hated as a kid that they now love as an adult.

The top answer shows exactly how much the concept of pleasure changes from childhood to adulthood, as 522 Redditors said and/or agreed that showering is, in fact, a delightful way to spend your time.

As a kid, having to take a shower or bath was the fuel for tantrums but for grown-ups, it’s a relaxing, refreshing escape from the rest of the world. The rest of the answers similarly put a hilarious spin on how so much of what we dreaded as kids we love now that we’re adults.

“Going to Home Depot or Lowe’s,” one user wrote. “It was so boring as a kid, but now it’s basically a toy store for adults.”

Other popular answers included “alone time,” “naps,” and “spinach.” For a kid, these all sound like punishments but most adults would kill for the chance to get a nap and some actual alone time on the same day. One user also talked about how much they hated getting socks for Christmas as a kid but these days? “All I want for Christmas is fresh socks.”

And, of course, someone couldn’t resist mentioning “spanking,” which received upvotes from more than 400 users. Keep it work-friendly, people!

While most of the answers were about adults enjoying life’s simpler pleasures, there were a few that reflected on how our perception of time can shift as we grow older.

“The driving part of road trips,” wrote one user. “I used to hate having to sit in the car for 10 plus hours days in a row, but now find myself enjoying it.”

Ultimately, it’s clear that as you move deeper into life, your view on nearly everything will shift, and many of the things we despised as kids we now hold dear in our aging hearts.