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These Guys Just Made a Real-Life Mario Kart Course in NYC and We Love It

Mario time!

All of us could use some fun these days because the world is different than it was a year ago. Outside, there are people wearing masks, the streets are barer as people stay inside more due to the pandemic, and the vibe is less joyful then it used to be. This reality of life right now created the perfect opportunity for two friends in New York to transform the streets into their very own real-life Mario Kart Course and give everyone a laugh in the process.

According to Timeout, Caleb Simpson and Irving Salazar, who are known on social media for sharing fun-meaning pranks, decided to take to the streets of New York. The roads weren’t completely empty; there were still plenty of cars on the road and people lining the sidewalks. Still, it offered the right environment for the two guys to combine their love of Mario Kart a la Nintendo 64 days and live out their best prank yet—and it quickly went viral on social media.

Posting a video to YouTube, Caleb and Irving dressed up as Mario and Luigi. They had every detail nailed down to a tee, purchasing all the costume materials they needed from Amazon. They were also driving around in go-karts designed to look identical to the ones played in the game on N64 and raced around the streets—like a literal game of real-life Mario Kart—skipping the racetrack on a space rainbow and using the streets of NYC instead. They even kept in the banana peel details and occasionally tossed them out at each other.

All in good fun, the spectators who ran into Mario Kart in real life got a kick out of it, laughing and pointing at the show that was going on. And we love that Caleb and Irving kept it real to the N64 version of the game, as it should be because it was the best version that has ever been for this game.

Speaking with The New York Post, Caleb thought of the prank and carried through saying, “I thought it’d be funny.” He did note that making the video was “logistically a pain in the ass” because they were worried about being stopped by the NYC police, who were out that day.

Overall, the purpose they had set out with the stunt was fulfilled, hoping to “push some positivity and hopefully make the people laugh” and that was definitely achieved.