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Real Baby Shark Looks Like ‘Baby Shark,’ And It’s Creepy AF

Doo, doo, doo, doo, does this scare you, too?

A man in Indonesia was in for quite a surprise when he caught a real shark that looks like he would be the star of the viral song Baby Shark. Indeed, the man caught a shark with a shark body but a human face. It’s creepy, but we can’t look away.

According to Daily Mail, 48-year-old Abdullah Nuren told his local media that he accidentally caught a shark in his netting that happened to be pregnant.

“I initially found a mother shark caught in the trawler net,” Nuren explained, according to Daily Mail, somehow managing to reference Mama Shark in the tale. “The next day, I split the belly of the mother shark and found three pups in the stomach,” he added. Which, okay, a little gruesome, but the whole story is a bit much in general, so it tracks.

And that’s when he came across a baby shark that had odd human features. “Two were like the mother, and this one looked like it had a human face,” he said.

Seriously, the pictures are creepy. Nuren shared images of the baby shark, which he had preserved, with the media, and it’s bizarre. The body looks like a tiny shark. It’s gray, has fins and gills. But under its snout, there are two massive people-like eyes and a big mouth… just like one of the most popular cartoon sharks of all time.

Really: this thing looks exactly like the Baby Shark cartoon from the Ping Fong song. It’s the most-watched video on YouTube with over 8 billion views. Everyone knows Baby Shark. But we never thought we’d come across one in real life. Well, we were mistaken.

While this discovery has put that catchy earworm back in our heads, Nuren hopes the real baby shark he found will bring him good luck.

“My home has been crowded with people who want to see the shark,” Nuren explained. “Many people want to buy it, but I will preserve it instead. I think it will bring me good luck.”

Sorry. Good luck sleeping tonight without this visiting your dreams.