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Read The Game’s Moving Tribute to His Late Father

The rapper, whose father passed away on January 17th, turned his Instagram feed into a moving memorial.

Rapper Jayceon Taylor, better known as The Game, lost his father on January 17th. In the weeks since, he’s shared open letters and turned his Instagram feed into a memorial to his late dad. The Game had a strained relationship with his dad throughout his life, but his posts serve as a reminder of the importance of fathers, and how much we miss them when they’re gone. 

The Game’s first post was a grainy photograph in which his father George is kissing him on the cheek. Despite Taylor describing himself as “The strongest person I know” in the caption below, he couldn’t help telling fans how much his father’s death had really broken him down. 

In the days leading up to George’s funeral, The Game shared more old photos of the two along with pictures of his mother and siblings on various occasions with their dad. The Game continued to express his grief about his dad’s passing, including one where he described the sadness of not being able to see his father again. “The fact that there is nowhere on earth I can go to find you ever again is ripping me apart…”, he wrote in one.  

On the day of the funeral, the Game made his longest post about his father, in which he reiterated the pain of his sudden loss. “The fact that there is nowhere on earth I can go to find you ever again is ripping me to pieces on the inside,” he wrote.  “I love you & did not want to say goodbye this soon.”

The rapper’s emotional tribute is below.

The day I laid my father to rest…. the reason I keep posting is because I am very sad & myself, my life & my family have always been shared with my fans & I am thankful for you allowing me to grieve with you. Always know, I am no different than any of you. I am human & when in times like this is when I need you the most. I say that to say…. I am very appreciative for all of you… all the comments, the DM’s, the amount of love & support you’ve all shown me in my time of darkness does not & will not ever go unnoticed or unappreciated. I come to you fully humbled with an entirely different understanding of LIFE, LOVE & DEATH. Some questions I have about how or why will never be answered and that’s something I will have to learn to live with along with the fact that I’ll never see my father again in this lifetime. That last sentence itself could force an ocean of tears down my face but tonite I am all cried out. Simply here to share all that I am with all whom helped me get here. Thank you, sincerely “A lost soul”. #RestInParadiseDaddy

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