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Read A 9-Year-Old’s Letter To Himself, 20 Years Later

What did you think the world would look like when you were 9? If you can’t remember, maybe you forgot to write it down, hand it to your mom, who then hung on to it for 20 years, and then gave it to you. But Christopher did, and now his little hen-scratched time capsule of a thought bubble has bubbled to the top of the internet hive mind over on Reddit. Christopher didn’t get everything right — there are no robot policemen or flying cars — but he nailed a few things, like architectural trends in school design, the fact that the New York Giants have won the Super Bowl and the Cowboys won’t ever again in NFL history. The letter will definitely make you laugh, unless you live in Texas. Then it will just make you cry.

Note a 9 year old wrote to his 29 year old selfquietstormx1