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Where Does Your City Rank On This List Of The Healthiest Places For Guys To Live?

As a guy with kids, you’re probably familiar with the standard explanations for your dadbod: a lack of time and/or energy to eat right and exercise regularly, due to the lifeforce-sucking progeny your spouse tricked you into having. Thanks to the guys at Men’s Health, who probably have kids and great diets and efficient daily workout routines, you can now add another factor to your list of excuses: where you live.

The 6-pack-abbiest magazine of all just ranked the 100 healthiest U.S. cities for men, which they determined by crunching 32 data points ranging from access to fresh food and fitness activities to company-provided perks like flexible time-off and free counseling. So go ahead and blame your love handles on the fact that you don’t live in Raleigh, NC, which boasts 100 miles of trails, 30,000 square feet of one fresh farmer’s market, abundant health care due to its plethora of medical schools, and generally solid corporate wellness programs. Other cities where you should probably be living include San Jose and Anaheim, CA, and Madison, WI.

man running on bridge

On the other end of the spectrum, larger and more urban metropolises like Philadelphia and Detroit over-index on heavier guys with higher blood pressure. But both of those cities show up on Fatherly’s list of Best Cities To Play Outside With Your Kid, which isn’t such a bad tradeoff, depending on how you feel about your lats and/or farm fresh apples. Another decent tradeoff? Guys with dadbods have more sex. So go ahead and move to Raleigh … if you hate playing with your kids and sex.

[H/T]: Men’s Health