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Randy Moss’s Son Just Proved He’s Got the Goods: Scores Two Touchdowns in CFP Championship

Randy Moss was a great receiver, but he might be an even better sports dad.


What started as a close game eventually turned into a snoozer as LSU scored six touchdowns in last night’s College Football National Championship Game en route to a 42-25 rout of Clemson. Two of those scores were hauled in by Thaddeus Moss, an LSU tight end whose dad is legendary NFL wide receiver Randy Moss.

Randy Moss, a West Virginia native, played at Marshall before a 15-year NFL career with 982 receptions, 15,292 yards, and 156 touchdowns. He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018.

Despite his pedigree, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Thaddeus. He began his career at NC State, where he had six catches in five games before sitting out a season due to NCAA transfer rules and missing another with a foot injury.

But this season, he came into his own, with 47 total catches and 570 total yards this season. Both stats are school records for LSU, and Moss’s two touchdown passes last night will do even more to cement his place in LSU history.

Moss’s first touchdown came just before the end of the first half when he inexplicably found himself wide open in the end zone for one of the easiest pass-and-catch plays you’ll ever see.

His second score was more impressive, involving as it did a dive past the pylon, but our favorite part is that ESPN cut to Randy Moss celebrating in the stands.

And in case you missed, yes, Moss the elder is wearing a custom shirt with a picture of his son printed on it.

Thaddeus Moss is a junior at the moment, so he’s slated to return to LSU next year. That’s good news for fans who will want to repeat this year’s 15-0 record and those of us who enjoy wholesome content like Randy Moss at LSU games high-fiving with the fans when he son makes a catch.