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Rage Yoga Has Swearing, Yelling, and Beer Breaks. Where Do We Sign Up?

It's "alternative yoga for the modern badass," and it sounds like a lot of fun.

A typical yoga class is a quiet affair. The participants are silent and the instructor speaks softly and in drawn-out syllables. It’s a calming energy, to be sure, but it might not be for everyone. Rage yoga is a louder, more aggressive alternative to traditional yoga. Just don’t bring the kids along.

On her website, founder Lindsay Istace talks about feeling intimidated by the seriousness of and uneasy with the enforced serenity of normal yoga classes. She calls rage yoga “alternative yoga for the modern badass.”

A typical rage yoga class features loud, often guitar-driven music. Cursing, flipping middle fingers, and yelling are all encouraged. There are breaks to drink beer, and classes take place not in traditional studios but in drinking establishments like Brash Brewery in Houston.

Ashley Duzich, the instructor there, told CBS DFW that rage yoga “allows you to have a safe space to let go of your and frustration and rage in a healthy way… and then also wash it all away with some ice cold beer.”

A typical yoga class aims to leave participants feeling centered, but the ultimate goal of rage yoga is to “make you feel like such an empowered badass on your yoga mat that that feeling follows you into your daily life.”

It’s still in its nascent stages, but there are a few ways to experience rage yoga. Video lessons can be purchased online, and certified rage yoga instructors practice at bars in Calgary and Edmonton and the aforementioned Houston brewery.

If you feel like you have pent up aggression, or you just want to do some stretches, yell, and drink beer, it sounds like a good time. If, as Istace promises, you also work through “what’s holding you back and becoming a stronger, more resilient person for it, both physically and mentally,” it’s even more.