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Listen to Raffi’s New Song “Black Lives Matter To Me” Right Here

This song is beautiful.

Raffi, the best and most essential kid’s musician of all time, has been in the news recently as he’s continued to release music about social and climate justice issues that are important to his heart. In late July, he released a brief song supporting the “Wall of Moms” in Portland, a group of protestors who were mothers who stood between people marching and police, forming a human shield for the protestors. In late August, he released another song, called “For All You Do,” about essential workers with Lindsay Munroe. All proceeds from the song went to Direct Relief, a nonprofit organization that helps support people who put their lives on the line for everyone else.

His new song, “Black Lives Matter to Me,” is no different. Beautifully calm, with billowing vocals and a smooth, calm intonation, the song is nearly a balm against the chaos of the world — and an affirmation of the humanity of the children and people that Raffi often sings to. “Black lives matter, of course they matter, Black lives matter to me,” he sings. “Sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, Black lives matter to me. In the words of Dr. King, let freedom ring,” he sings over a stripped back song. “In every heart, let freedom ring. For every child, may justice sing, in every land, let freedom ring.”

Raffi released a message alongside the song, saying that, “We have a historic opportunity to heal the wounds of racism and injustice. In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, I wrote this as a song that people everywhere might sing, citing Martin Luther King’s stirring words, ‘let freedom ring.’… As a long-time MLK admirer, I’m honoured to pay tribute to his legacy in song. May his words ring far and wide and inspire children like he inspired me.”

The song is beautiful. Listen to it. Be calmed by it. And then play it for your kids.

Check out more at the Raffi Foundation Website.