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Questlove Starts #WRINKLEchallenge to Help Kids See ‘A Wrinkle In Time’

The Roots' drummer challenged several celebrities to buy tickets for young kids.


Late on Monday night, Roots and Tonight Show dummer Questlove started the #WRINKLEchallenge, a social media campaign with a simple purpose: crowdfunding A Wrinkle in Time tickets for kids. For every $10 donated through the Give a Child the Universe website, AMC will provide a free ticket to see the movie, which is out on Friday. The movie theater giant is also partnering with Color of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, for the campaign.

Though A Wrinkle in Time is officially slated for release on March 9, the campaign will run all the way to the end of the month. Questlove started the challenge off by inviting celebrities like Anthony Anderson, Rosario Dawnson, and Oprah – who stars in the movie as Mrs. Which – to donate $10 each. A Wrinkle In Time director Ava DuVernay praised Questlove’s initiative early on Tuesday, calling him a “glorious person.” 

While A Wrinkle in Time will surely stand on its own legs as a production, the #WRINKLEchallenge might generate more buzz for the film, similarly to what happened with Marvel Studios’ Black Panther. Thousands of dollars were raised to get kids from all over the country into theaters for free showings of the mostly-black superhero film. Clearly, Questlove believes that the success can be repeated with A Wrinkle In Time, which features the highest budget ever given to a black female director in history, as well as a diverse cast of women in lead roles, including the aforementioned Oprah, Mindy Kaling, and Storm Reid, who plays the lead character of Meg Murry.