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This LEGO Millenium Falcon Puts The Psych in Psychedelic

A LEGO superfan built his own custom Millennium Falcon using only the brightest colored bricks he could buy.

Building elaborate, and surprisingly expensive, Star Wars LEGO sets is far from a lost art. But it’s rare to behold a build that surprises the community. But LEGO enthusiasts and Star Wars fans alike were stunned by Mike Marrocco’s custom LEGO Millennium Falcon, which was built using only the brightest colored bricks he could buy. It looks like what would happen to the legendary ship if Han and Chewie got really into mushrooms. 

The psychedelic build was a matter of circumstance. In 2015, Marrocco decided to build LEGO’s 844-piece Millenium Falcon set from 2007. But that beloved model had gone out of print and he realized he’d have to buy the set from a reseller at a huge markup. Rather than do this Marrocco told i09 that he instead searched for — and found — all the parts he went to and bought all the parts he’d need in the brightest colors he could find. He then used the official instructions to build his own version of the Kessel Run-busting ride, adding a few extra pieces here and there for his own what-the-hell? flair. 

All told, the build cost Marrocco five hundred dollars and took him 25 hours of build-time. Will this thing make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs? Probably not. But only because the version of Han and Chewie who pilot this thing would be too busy debating the merits of Neal Peart’s work on YYZ to care.