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Professor McGonagall Will Appear in ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’

But does the timeline add up?

Warner Bros.

Sorry, Dumbledore but it looks like you won’t be the only one of Harry Potter’s favorite Hogwarts professors who will be popping up in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldAccording to the most recent cast list, Transfiguration Professor Minerva McGonagall will appear in the Fantastic Beasts sequel. While Maggie Smith played McGonagall in the eight Harry Potter films, in Crimes of Grindelwald she will played by Irish actress Fiona Glascott (Brooklyn, Resident Evil).

For Harry Potter fanatics, perhaps the most exciting aspects ofThe Crimes of Grindelwald is how the story will connect to the Boy Who Lived, as the sequel appears to be setting the stage for the legendary showdown between Dumbledore and Grindelwald. However, some fans have complained that the timeline for some of these events may not add up, including McGonagall’s appearance in the series.

Glascott is currently 35, so it feels safe to assume that McGonagall will likely be around the same age in the Fantastic Beasts sequel. However, according to ScreenRant, McGonagall shouldn’t even be alive at the time of The Crimes of Grindelwald, which is set in 1927, as her backstory on Pottermore implies that the Transfiguration professor was born sometime in the ’30s.

But this extremely diligent nitpicking seems to ignore the obvious: these people are wizards, who have the ability to travel through time, erase memories, and change appearance at the flick of a wand. So could there be some magical explanation for McGonagall being a few decades older than she probably should be? Maybe, maybe not. Rowling has already appeared to have no problem altering the timeline for the sake of entertainment. Either way, we’re just happy to see one of our favorite professors back on the big screen.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald comes out on November 16.