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Producer Implies Tom Hardy ‘Venom’ Movie Might Be Kid-Friendly, But How?

You know who kids like better than Spider-Man? His nemesis.


Apparently, the ultra-violent freaky nemesis of Spider-Man, known as Venom will appeal to children. In a new interview, Avi Arad, the producer of the upcoming Tom Hardy supervillain/horror flick, said: “kids love Venom.”  Does this mean the movie won’t be R-Rated as expected?

On Tuesday, Vulture published an in-depth piece examining the future of Spider-Man and his associated characters in the very new future, including the animated multi-dimensional movie, Into the Spider-VerseAnd though everyone previously assumed the new Venom movie wasn’t for children, it sounds like the movie will walk a line closer to family-friendly than might seem reasonable.”This is an origin story and we have to try and make it the beginning of a long journey,” Arad said. “We are very excited.”

In the full-length trailer for Venom, Tom Hardy plays journalist Eddie Brock, a guy who gets infected with a Jekyll and Hyde-style creature that occasionally turns him into a horrific monster. In the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, this happened to Topher Grace in 2007’s Spider-Man 3. 

The trailer for the new Venom film is terrifying and doesn’t for a second make you think it would be a movie for young children or even older kids who grappled with some of the tragedies in Avengers: Infinity War.

According to the parent’s guide on IMDBVenom is still expected to be Rated-R “for strong brutal violence and language throughout.” So, how does that check with what the producer of the movie is saying about how kids love the character?

Well, on some level, it’s possible Arad is just acknowledging the reality that children see movies that aren’t meant for them all the time. In previous decades there were even tons of toys marketed at young children that clearly came from movies kids couldn’t handle until their teens. Who can forget this infamous toy commercial for Alien in 1979?

Even if Arad is just making a sly reference to things kids will watch regardless if those things are appropriate, it’s fairly clear that even if Venom does end up with a hard PG-13 instead of an R, that people with small kids will certainly think twice before taking the whole family.

– Venom is out in wide release on October 5. Into the Spider-Versewhich does look family-friendly is out on December 14.-