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Prince William Welcomes His Brother to the ‘Sleep Deprivation Society’

Join the club, Harry.


The entire world, including Prince William, is excited about the arrival of the newest royal baby boy, who was born to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry early Monday morning. But Harry’s older brother also gave his congratulations with a little good-natured teasing, telling his younger brother that he can say goodbye to a good night’s sleep.

“I’m very pleased and glad to welcome my own brother into the sleep deprivation society that is parenting,” William joked while at an event in Greenwich, London. The fatigue that comes with parenting is something William is all too familiar with—the prince was famously caught on tape dozing off during an Anzac Day service last April.

William then added on a more serious note, “I wish [Harry] all the best and I hope in the next few days they can settle down and enjoy having a newborn in their family and the joys that come with that.”

It was a sentiment echoed by his wife, Kate Middleton, who said to BBC, “We’re looking forward to meeting [the royal baby] and finding out what his name’s going to be… these next few weeks are always a bit daunting the first time round so we wish them all the best.”

And if Prince Harry’s first interview after the birth of his son is any indication, he’ll definitely need their good wishes. According to ITV, the 34-year-old confessed off-camera, “I’ve had about two hours’ sleep.”

But that doesn’t seem to be bringing him down. In the same interview, the excited new dad said, “It’s been the most amazing experience I could ever possibly imagine… we’re both absolutely thrilled and so grateful to all the love and support from everybody out there.”

The new royal baby, who’s seventh in line for the British throne, is expected to be revealed (along with his name) on Wednesday in a photoshoot at Windsor Castle.