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Prince Louis Is One Stoked Royal Baby In New Christening Portrait

He's already got his royal smile down pat.

Instagram / Matt Porteous

He may only be a couple months old but over the weekend, Prince Louis, the newest Royal Baby, was able to once again make headlines with his official Christening. The event itself attracted plenty of media attention but the internet has really gone wild over an unbelievably adorable photo of Louis at the event.

In the new photo, Prince Louis can be seen showing off his infectious Royal Smile with his mom, who is also grinning. The photo, which was shared on Kensington Palace’s Instagram account, was taken at the Clarence House’s garden following the Prince Louis’ Christening.

While several Christening portraits of the Royal Family, which included the newly married Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, were released over the weekend, this new photo shows a more candid side of a mother and her newborn baby. The official portraits were taken by photographer Matt Holyoak, while the photo of Louis and Kate was shot by Matt Porteous, who also took portraits at Prince George’s third birthday.

Louis Arthur Charles became the latest member of the Royal Family back in late April and is the third child of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Given the internet’s well-documented love for all things Royal, there was a huge amount of frenzy around Louis’ birth.

After the initial hype died down, Louis was able to lie low and bond with his parents for a few months but now, it appears he is ready to be out in the world and so far, the tiny prince is winning the hearts of just about everyone who sees his gigantic smile.