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Prince Harry Tells Kids They’re Too Young to Play ‘Fortnite’

It's not that he has an aversion to gaming, but rather that the Price thinks there are better alternatives.


During a recent visit to a grade school in England, Prince Harry did not mince words when asked for his opinion on the popular online video game Fortnite. More than 125 million people currently play the game but during a visit to Sussex, Harry seemed taken aback at the fact that a group eight-year-olds regularly played the popular game.

“He asked how old we are. We said that we were 8 and he said, ‘You guys shouldn’t really play Fortnite,'” one of the students told People. Harry also asked “What is wrong with parents?” in response to the fact that the game can be rather violent, as well as addictive.

While that is a very a reasonable concern for any adult to have, there is a lot of research suggesting that video games don’t make kids more violent or less intelligent, only that they can adversely affect their school performance. And these academic struggles have little to do with the games, they stem from the fact that most kids who game spend way more than the recommended amount of time in front of their screens. Prince Harry even went as far as to crouch down and suggest that the kids find other games to play, as there are millions of kid-friendly alternatives to the game that don’t suck.

While Prince Harry’s concerns might seem a bit blown out of proportion, plenty of parents are worried about the effect that the game is having on their children. Two parents recently sent their daughter to rehab for a Fortnite addition after she spent hundreds of their dollars on in-game extras before her dad found her laying the game in a puddle of her own urine.