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Prince George’s Royal Wedding Outfit Becomes the Internet’s New Favorite Meme

"Prince George looking fresh out the Li'l Cersei collection."

Getty Images

The Royal Wedding finally happened, which means that our Facebook feeds will soon be rid of all the hot takes posted by old coworkers and distant aunts. But, of course, the Internet being the Internet, photos from the big day will continue to pop up on social media for years. And while Meghan Markle’s dress was obviously the show stopper, it’s another outfit from the wedding that’s been made into the Internet’s favorite new meme: Prince George’s all-black pageboy outfit.

The young royal’s outfit, particularly his elaborately ruffled all-black top, caught a lot of attention and on came the jokes — all in good fun, of course. From Harry Potter to My Chemical, few references were left uncovered. Here are a few of the best memes made surrounding Prince George’s fantastic outfit.

One Twitter user quickly noticed that George’s outfit was very reminiscent of something Draco Malfoy might wear on the Hogwarts Express to show off his Death Eater dad’s wealth.

He also made a perfect Game of Thrones reference, as George was effortlessly pulling off Cersei’s iconic evil queen outfit.

Several people felt that George had entered his emo phase a bit early and was channeling My Chemical Romance’s Black Parade look.

Fortunately — and perhaps miraculously, given the often vile behavior that has become the norm online — the memes remained friendly, with everyone having fun admiring the young Prince’s outfit. And why not? It’s a hell of a look.