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Prince George and Princess Charlotte Stole the Spotlight at Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

It's so easy for kids to steal the show because they're the ones who always forget it's a show and do their own thing anyway.


Just a few months after the fairytale marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, there was another Royal Wedding this week, as Princess Eugenie got married to Jack Brooksbank inside of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Three-year-old Princess Charlotte acted as a bridesmaid while Prince George was a page boy. The adorable duo even managed to steal the show at their aunt’s wedding this weekend, thanks to their hilarious and cute as hell antics.

The wedding, which was playing on live television, gave fans of the royal family a chance to see Charlotte acting as cheeky as ever. The young princess could be seen blowing kisses and waving at hundreds of her adoring fans as her car pulled up to the chapel. It’s pretty hilarious, not because that isn’t the kind of thing that kids do, but because composure and stoicism are what’s often expected from royals. As British royalty goes, blowing kisses to your fans is a little too ‘ready for my close up.’ Still, it was unbelievably adorable, once you remember that Charlotte is just a toddler and that’s just how they do things.

As if you needed another reminder that she’s just a kid, Charlotte got a little too excited walking up the steps and photographers snapped a shot of her getting tripped up, as children are wont to do.


PA WireMeanwhile, George managed to get his moment in the spotlight as well with some hilarious faces. Per usual, her brother George was looking stoic and dapper as well. He didn’t look like Cersei Lannister’s doppelganger like he did at his Uncle Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle, but nonetheless, five-year-old George re-solidified himself as a fashion icon for little kids everywhere.