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Preteens Take Over TechCrunch’s Disrupt Legendary Hackathon

Think your kid shows a high app aptitude because they’ve been kicking ass playing Crossy Road? Well, meanwhile, at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in San Francisco this past weekend, some tech-savvy preteens were busy being lauded for developing their own apps. As if the venture capital shark tank wasn’t gnarly enough for aspiring start ups, now they’re going to have to deal with potential competitors who aren’t just smarter than they are — they’re flat-out more adorable.

Kieeran Mann Rohan Chopra

Two projects in particular caught TechCrunch’s attention. 11-year-old Alex Jordan presented a platform called Famtastic, described as “a combination family organizer and private social network for families and other caregivers, like grandparents and nannies.” Not to be outdone, Kieran Mann and Rohan Chopra showed off Beanstocks – kind of like a Venmo for allowances. Those 2 tykes are 9 and 10 respectively. That must have been a hell of a first play date.

Of course, as amazing as it is to see kids whose reading comprehension level probably isn’t high enough to understand everything on TechCrunch get written up by the site, don’t forget that there’s more to app development than giving a slick presentation. There’s also that part where everyone else takes credit for your work, which is exactly what these kids’ parents should consider doing.