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Carrie Underwood’s Family Tying Her Shoes Shows the Struggles of Pregnancy

Her son is the sweetest.


In her third trimester, a very pregnant Carrie Underwood couldn’t reach her feet to tie her shoes—so she enlisted the help of her two boys. The country singer uploaded an adorable video to Instagram of her son Isaiah and husband Mike Fisher doing the simple task for her.

“I can no longer tie my own shoes…So glad I have such sweet helpers!” wrote Underwood, who’s expecting her second child with Fisher in January or February. In the clip, her retired hockey star husband ties one sparkly sneaker while 3-year-old Isaiah attempts to do the other.

Not only is Underwood a good sport about the very real struggles of pregnancy, but she’s also patient with her son as he tries a “cool way” of tying her shoe. “You’re doing a good job, buddy. Let Daddy fix it a little bit . . . if you do it too cool, I can’t get it off later,” the 35-year-old mom says.

Fans are loving the post, both for how adorable young Isaiah is and how relatable Underwood’s third-trimester discomfort is (she’s also opened up about dealing with severe insomnia). “I remember that stage of pregnancy so well! DEFINITELY accept any and all help!” comments one user.

Underwood has previously confessed that her little helper is definitely a mama’s boy. “[He] told me recently that when the new baby comes that Daddy could have that baby and then he could be mine,” she revealed in an interview, discussing how Isaiah will react to baby number two. “His world is about to get rocked.”