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Viral Video Pregnancy Announcements Are Apparently A Huge Deal Now

Having a baby is always been big news for individual families, but those crazy millennials have started a trend that’s also making it news to the New York Times. If you thought your wedding announcement was the last time you’d have to seek such attention, the growing popularity of elaborate pregnancy video announcements might change that — especially if your spouse is really into pop song parodies. Like for Danielle and Jon Murray of Raleigh, NC, parents of 3 who inexplicably found time to write and perform a parody of the hit “Shut Up and Dance,” titled, “We’re Having One More Baby,” in order to announce their 4th.

They’re not the only ones jumping on the viral bandwagon, which, incidentally, sounds like a terrible thing for a pregnant woman to ride. There have been plenty more baby-making song parodies where this came from, including Miley Cyrus , Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift. If you have no idea who those people are, this method may not be for you; then again, other creative options in the Times article include a horror movie announcement.

It’s perfectly reasonable to wonder why the hell this warranted coverage in the Times when there are, presumably, more noteworthy trends to report on; indeed, plenty of people would prefer that the Times not report on trends at all. Then again, some of these videos have millions of views, which makes them more newsworthy a lot of the TV and movies that get coverage. And, a YouTube video with a million views could earn you a few thousand dollars — that’s almost enough to have some proper birth announcements printed up.

[H/T] The New York Times