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Mr. Potato Head Rebrands — But There’s a Catch

The iconic potato toy will be a little more inclusive, and sustainably made, going forward.


Update: The Potato Head rebrand will not just be a “Potato Head,” but rather, a potato family, which will include two large potato bodies, a small potato body, and 42 accessories so kids can mix, match, and build any potato to their heart’s desire.

One of the most iconic toys ever made, the Mr. Potato Head, is making a big change in late 2021. Going forward, the toy will no longer be referred to as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’ Potato Head, but rather just ‘Potato Head,’ losing the gender honorifics that were once a part and parcel of the toy’s name, and it will come in a family package.

The move isn’t just because the toy brand wants to be more casual. It’s a part of a whole reimagining of the toy — which will, going forward, be made out of plant-based plastic and include less packaging per toy box, but will also include two potatoes and a small potato.

This isn’t the first time, per Bloomberg, that the Potato Head line has been edited to stay relevant or current. In 1987, the iconic tobacco pipe that often accompanied the potato head toys was discarded, and in 1992, apparently, Hasbro Inc rewrote the Potato Head origin story to include less laziness and more activity. 

Though the toy is just a reimagining of the iconic plastic potato, that won’t stop right-wing commentators from getting mad. Within minutes of the Potato Head news, commentators like Erick Erickson and Mark Dice went apoplectic on Twitter. “Woke-o Haram strikes again,” wrote Erickson. “How soon will Toy Story have to be re-edited to get rid of Mrs Potato Head?” He asked. Uh, probably never! It’s just a toy.

“It’s time for Republican states to secede,” said Dice, making a culture war issue over a toy potato. And Jesse Hunt alluded to the Potato Head toy as being a member of the “liberal cancel culture casualties” list, putting the plastic toy alongside two founding fathers, and assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. So, yeah.

Either way, the toy change changes nothing about our lives and is a nice way to help kids feel less boxed in and more open with their play. And the move, alongside sustainable packaging and less plastic, is good for everyone. So, it’s really not a big deal at all. All we want to know is what Don Rickles would say about the whole thing — “controversy” and all.