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Watch Postal Service Singer Play a Postal Service Song to Honor Postal Service

The USPS needs all the help it can get.

Ben Gibbard is best known as the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie, but real Gibbardheads know he was also part of a side project called The Postal Service, so named because Gibbard and bandmate Jimmy Tamborello recorded their one and only album by mailing CDs of songs in progress back and forth between their homes in Seattle and Los Angeles.

After a brief reunion in 2013, the band split permanently. But fans still have a lot of fondness for the group and, more importantly, Gibbard still has a lot of fondness for its namesake. He just performed a mellow, acoustic version of the band’s most memorable song, “Such Great Heights,” to draw attention to the plight of the USPS, using it as an argument to vote for Joe Biden.

As you’ve probably heard, since President Trump appointed a new Postmaster General, the USPS has been facing all kinds of chicanery. Overtime cuts and removal of mail sorting machines have slowed delivery of mail across the country. Trump’s disingenuous condemnation of mail-in voting as a source of fraud gives these machinations the distinct flavor of voter suppression, an issue Gibbard addressed in his video.

“One of the many institutions—aside from Democracy at its very core—that is under fire is that of the United States Postal Service,” he said. “I think in the midst of this global pandemic nothing is more important than being able to vote safely and securely, and vote-by-mail has been shown to do that over and over and over again.”

“So I’m gonna play a song by the Postal Service and dedicate it to the Postal Service.”