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Polly Pocket Is Making Her Triumphant Return to Toy Shelves

The beloved nineties toy is heading back to stores in June.

Flickr/Herry Lawford

After a discontinuation followed by a less-than-successful rebrand, Polly Pocket, the beloved compact toy of the nineties, will be making a nostalgic return to form.

Before there were Shopkins, the micro collectible toys of choice were Polly Pockets. Mini-worlds shoved into a compact, portable case that could fit in, well, a pocket, Polly Pocket launched in 1989. The sets came in a handful of different scenes (amusement park, beach, home), each with their own tiny figures. Detailed houses and accessories could also be purchased separately. They were a massive hit and, per Buzzfeed, more than 350 different versions of the toy were made and 10 million units were sold between 1989 and 1988. The brand was discontinued in 1998 when Mattel took over Bluebird toys. Mattel tried a relaunch, but it was unsuccessful. 

The new Polly Pocket toys will be slightly larger than their predecessor. However, parents everywhere will have new and improved opportunities to mutter expletives under their breath as they accidentally step on the small and surprisingly pointy figures. The new sets will include a variety of new options, including an open-topped limo as well as an underwater scene complete with a tiny plastic puffer fish and a treasure chest.

For those who have managed to hold on to their original packaged Polly Pocket sets, let it be known that they can sell online for as much as $10,000. The new line of Polly Pockets, we can assume, won’t have such a hefty price point when they drop in June.