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Poll Shows Majority of Teens Fear School Shootings

And according to the numbers, their parents are just as worried.

Getty Images

A new poll from the Pew Research Center finds that the majority of teenagers in the U.S. are worried that a shooting might happen at their school. And they’re not alone. Their parents are just as nervous. Researchers surveyed 743 teens and 1,058 parents across the United States online and by telephone from March 7 to April 10 and found that 57 percent of those surveyed said they were “very” or “somewhat” concerned about the possibility of a school shooting.

A look inside the numbers found that teen girls were more affected than teen boys ⏤ 64 percent of girls expressed concern, compared to 51 percent of boys ⏤ and that black (60 percent) and Hispanic (73 percent) students were considerably more unnerved about a possible shooting than white students (51 percent).

As for the parents, 63 percent fell into the “very” or “somewhat” concerned category and lower-income households ⏤ those that make $30,000 or less a year ⏤ showed more anxiety than families with an average income larger than $75,000 a year.


The survey also asked respondents about how they think society can reduce gun violence. Most students said the best solution was a combination of improving mental health screening and treatment, preventing people with mental health issues from accessing guns, installing metal detectors in schools, and banning assault weapons.