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Poll Shows Majority of High School Students Support Gun Control

More than two-thirds of high school students who participated in the poll said America needs stricter gun laws.

Getty Images

A new poll has found that the majority of high school students in America are in favor of stricter gun control laws and oppose the idea of arming teachers to keep schools safe. Newsela conducted the poll by having more than 25,000 high school students across the country anonymously answer questions regarding their feelings towards guns, including whether or not the government should be passing laws to make it more difficult for people to access firearms. Of those polled, 67 percent said they agreed or strongly agreed that America needs stricter gun laws, while 26 percent disagreed or strongly disagree and seven percent were unsure.

Newsela’s poll also found that the majority of students supported raising the minimum age for buying assault weapons and banning bump stocks. However, students were overwhelmingly against allowing teachers to be armed, an idea which was proposed by Present Trump last month. Of the students who participated in the poll, 55 percent said they disagreed with the idea, including 36 percent who said they strongly disagree. This was perhaps the most divisive issue in the poll, as 17 percent said they were unsure and 28 percent said they agreed or strongly agreed. The survey also showed that 44 percent of students had written to or were planning on writing to a legislator to voice their opinion on gun control and the Second Amendment.


To ensure that the poll was representative of the entire country’s high school population, Newsela had students from all 50 states and Washington D.C. participate along with students in all four grades. Students who participated were also shown to come from rural, urban, and suburban environments. The poll is being released on the eve of the March For Our Lives, when hundreds of thousands from all around the country are expected to march to demand that the government takes action to stop the frequency of school shootings and gun violence in America.