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The ‘Netflix Of Toys’ Is About To Start Renting 3D Printers And Streaming Toy Designs

You might remember Pley as that monthly toy subscription service that delivered hundreds of LEGO kits to your door and let your kids play with them as long as they wanted before sending them back in exchange for a new one. They allowed infinite exchanges, charged nothing for lost pieces, and sanitized every kit before sending, because kids are indecisive, irresponsible and disgusting. Since their inception, Pley has expanded from just LEGO to drones, droids, dolls, and more, but apparently none of that was enough, because the company recently announced plans to start shipping out 3D printers for kids to just print up whatever Pley wasn’t already offering.

According to a press release, the plan is essentially to add 3D printers to Pley’s suite of available rental toys, and package them with exclusive designs customers can download to the printer’s app, then print and play. Because your kid will refuse to be limited, they’ll also be able to upload custom designs to Pleyworld (previously a playground for new LEGO concepts) and get them added to Pley’s catalog if they receive enough votes from other kids. As with all of Pley’s toys, you’re welcome to buy and keep the 3D printers if you choose, or if your greedy little creative genius demands it.

Facebook / Pley

A few things remain unclear. For one, there’s no word as to whether you’ll have to upgrade from the $20 per month “Adventurer” package to the $45 “Super Hero” level, which includes “Premium” toys. Second, it’s unclear whether you’ll still be able to send back your 3D printer after you’ve hacked it to do things Pley never imagined you would. Pley has adapted before, though, and they undoubtedly will again after some father inevitably weaponizes one of their toys. Just another day on the Internet Of (Dads Hacking) Things.