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‘Playmobil: The Movie’ Looks Like a Cheap ‘Lego Movie’ Knock-Off

It doesn't look like this Playmobil movie is going to be awesome.

The Lego Movie was an awesome success in 2014, so naturally, another toy company wants to hop on the movie bandwagon. Playmobil has made their own film, which is very creatively called Playmobil: The Movie. The movie starts in our real world with siblings Maria (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Charlie (Gabriel Bateman). Charlie grabs onto a magically Playmobil Viking and gets transported into a Playmobil world.

If that already wasn’t a massive problem, the siblings are separated in the process. Maria goes on a quest to find her younger brother. She gets some help from some quirky Playmobil characters, including a James Bond-esque secret agent named Rex Dasher (Daniel Radcliffe), food-truck driver Dex (Jim Gaffigan) and an over-the-top fairy godmother (Meghan Trainor).

This animated movie seems similar to The Lego Movie, but worse. It’s probably not going to be the worst kids movie of 2019, but it’s definitely going to be mediocre. The jokes are old. There’s a scene where Maria says she’ll pay gold to whoever will help her find her brother and provokes an old-fashioned Western stand-off. They even force in some Fortnite dancing which manages to the film feel dated before it’s even been released.

If you’re wondering why this movie exists, it’s because The Lego Movie grossed $469 million at the box office. That opened the floodgates for toy companies to make movies starring their products. Trolls, which were the dolls with jewels for belly buttons, were completely rebranded and made into an animated movie by DreamWorks in 2016. It was so successful that it spawned a TV show on Netflix, an upcoming sequel and a new line of toys. Barbie is still trying to make a live-action movie.

Playmobil is just trying to get in on the action. Playmobil: The Movie comes out in summer 2019, so at least it won’t be directly competing with The Lego Movie 2 in February.