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Place Your Emmy Bets On These Actors and Shows

It's going to be pretty close this year.


The 2018 Emmys are right around the corner. While that makes now the perfect time to perhaps cringe at the amount of binge-watching you did this year, it’s also a time to celebrate some of the most gripping and hilarious performances you’ve seen. Ranker, a website where users essentially vote on everything from the best album in a particular band’s discography to popular fan theories, has now compiled a list of this year’s Emmy nominees, and their verdicts seem to be set.

Just like last year’s Emmys, shows like Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, NBC’s critically acclaimed drama This Is Us, and FX’s Atlanta look like their going to do a number on the competition. At the same time shows like Stranger Things, and longtime fan favorites like The Americans might be getting their due this year as well.

Elizabeth Moss is up for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series award for her role as The Handmaid’s Tale’s main protagonist Offred while her co-star Ann Dowd is up for the Outstanding Supporting Actress award. Still, actress Evan Rachel Wood was fantastic in her role as Dolores in Westworld. Regardless, it’s hard to say if her chilling portrayal of a robot revolutionary with ice in her veins can stand up to the cultural relevance of a show like The Handmaid’s Tale. This category is also a little tough though, as Keri Russell, is regularly snubbed for her role in The Americans even though it’s landed her a nomination three years in a row now.

The same goes for Sterling K. Brown and David Harbour who are both have nabbed nominations Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Brown for his role in This Is Us and Harbour for Stranger Things. Brown may have given the ‘better’ performance, but it’s hard to go toe-to-toe with the cultural juggernaut that is Stranger Things. Given the massively positive response to the second season of FX’s Atlanta, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will come for Donald Glover’s seat for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series either.

The Award for best Drama series is unbelievably tight between the final season of The Americans,

Netflix’s The Crown, Game of Thrones, The Handmaid’s Tale, Stranger Things, This Is Us, and Westworld. As far as best Comedy series goes, Atlanta should win. It’s easily the densest, most forward-thinking, and visually challenging show on the list. Beyond that, ala Shameless, it uniquely blurs the line between comedy and drama by constantly asking the viewers to root for or hate characters that represent an unnerving cocktail of endearing, wise, hapless, and deplorable traits.

Based on the nominations, this year is actually looking kind of hard to call. You’ll have to tune in to the Emmys this Monday at 8 PM EST to find out what happens.