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The Latest Trailer For Pixar’s “Coco” Is Gorgeous

Pixar just released the full-length trailer for their upcoming film Coco. And the film, which follows a young boy who accidentally transport themselves to the Land of the Dead, looks to be the studio’s most visually entrancing yet. 

Pixar’s journey through Mexican folklore, the film tells the story of Miguel, a young boy, and his dog, Dante. Miguel has a secret love of music, which is a no-no in his family. Miguel’s great, great-grandfather, a famous musician, walked away with a guitar and never came back, which deeply wounded his great-grandmother. Harboring a hatred of music, she’s banned any form of it. Miguel still plays though, and his guitar playing accidentally sends him to the Land of the Dead, through which he must travel and make his way back to reality. Here’s a look:

The trailer is bright and transfixing, offering kaleodoscopic shots of everything from neon-colored birds to sweeping views of the city of the dead. It also seems packed with that unmistakable brand of Pixar humor and pathos. When Miguel meets a pencil-pusher in the Land of the Dead who begins to sneeze because he’s allergic to Dante, Miguel quips, “But he doesn’t even have fur!” “And I don’t have a nose, and yet, here we are,” the pencil-pusher replies. Nice to see that the dead have a sense of humor. 

Coco hits theaters on November 22.