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Pink and Her Husband Gave Their Daughter $100 to Pull Out Her Own Tooth

Hart is just having some fun. How often does one get to gift their kid $100 for something small?

Instagram Carey Hart

Off-road truck racer Carey Hart just posted a hilarious picture to Instagram of Willow Sage, his seven-year-old daughter with the singer Pink, shrugging at the camera with one of her baby teeth in her right hand and a one hundred dollar bill in the other. According to Hart’s caption, the two had come to an agreement: If Willow yanks out one of her baby teeth with one pull, dad will give her $100.

Is $100 a lot for a tooth? Yeah, of course, it is. After all, kids have 20 of them. Whose kid really has $2,000 worth of dead enamel? Regardless, while it’s doubtful that Hart drops a Benjamin on every one of his daughter’s teeth, a deal is a deal. Per the almost unspoken rules of social media, many took issue with the fact that Hart would do something like that for his daughter to begin with.

“It’s cute but what about the parents that can’t afford a 100 bucks for the tooth fairy,” wrote one commenter.

While some think it’s a bad show of wealth, others think that Hart is spoiling his daughter.

“$100 for a tooth!!!” someone else wrote. “Bloody hell! That’s just setting kids up to expect everything on a silver platter in life!”

Beyond all the comments from the internet’s peanut gallery, Hart has the right idea. One could even say that he’s developing spending habits that could benefit him should Willow ever find out what other kids get for their teeth. That’s because, interestingly enough, the amount of money that parents are paying their children for their baby teeth has gone up a lot in less than one decade. Baby boomers were getting 69 cents a tooth, which is a pittance compared to the average $3.25 parents pay for teeth now, and that price varies from region to region too. On average, kids in New York get almost $14 per tooth, and kids from LA? They get almost $10.

A lot of kids are afraid of pulling their own baby teeth, yet it’s weirdly fitting that the daughter of an off-road truck racer and an internationally famous singer would end up doing something gnarly like this. Some call it spoiling your kid, but Hart looks like he was just having some fun with his.