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Pink’s Bedtime Routine With Her Kids Involves Katy Perry and Death Metal

Cool mom status, achieved.


Some parents use lullabies to put their kids to bed and others, like Pink, use death metal. The pop singer posted a video to her Instagram on Tuesday night of her children singing and dancing to screamo music in their pajamas.

Simply captioned “Bedtime” along with hashtags like “#deathmetalisadyingart,” “#herbandnameisdeadeverything,” and “#thingsaregoingreallywell,” the video features seven-year-old Willow belting out a death metal remix of “Roar” by Katy Perry while her mom beats on a drum.

Two-year-old Jameson even gets in on the action, holding a pink ukulele as he dances to his sister’s singing. And fans loved his moves with comments on the clip like, “Jameson’s little leg a stompin to the beat is the cutest!”

People also praised Pink for being “an awesome momma,” and letting her kids be themselves and pursue their passions, no matter how unique or out-of-the-ordinary they might be.

It’s something that the 39-year-old singer, who is raising her kids with husband Carey Hart, is passionate about. In a previous interview with HuffPost, she said, “I think it’s important to help them find their identity and find what they believe in, and to know they can make a difference.”

Not only did Pink’s followers compliment the singer for having just as much fun as her kids, but they also approved of another refreshingly relatable part of the video. “Just love that you’ve got your red wine right in there as all best mamas do!” wrote one fan, referring to the glass of vino sitting next to Pink while she drums.