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Phoenix Suns Make Good on Their Promise to Viral Pizza Party Kid

That face says everything you need to know.

@Suns Twitter

Things look like they’re turning around for young Teddy Mazzini, a six-year-old who went viral after he was left crushed when no one showed up at his birthday party last week. As an Arizona native, the viral photo of him caught the eye of the Phoenix Suns NBA team, and per a recent tweet, they made good on their promise to invite him to a game.

The picture of Teddy Mazzini sitting alone at a table full of pizza broke the internet’s collective heart. While the pain of a memory like that is hard to erase, Teddy got a huge wave of support from a ton of celebrities, including DJ Khaled and his local NBA team. When the people working in the front office of the Phoenix Suns headquarters saw the picture, they reached out to immediately to invite Teddy to their next home game against LeBron James and the Lakers. 

And last night, the Suns followed through on their promise and gave Teddy the full MVP treatment at the game against the Lakers, including posting a picture of him beaming as he stands courtside in a Suns jersey.

Even though the Suns lost, boy does Teddy look pleased. His face after no one showed up to the party was undeniably sad. But now he looks like he couldn’t keep the excitement in if he tried, and honestly, how could he not be psyched sitting courtside at a Phoenix Suns Game? Against the Los Angeles Lakers no less!

Even though his mom went on to say that she posted the picture in the heat of a moment and actually regrets doing so in retrospect, the outcome hasn’t been all bad. Teddy got to hang out and party with a few players on the team even took the time to meet Teddy before the game.

As Teddy went on to tell his dad, it was truly “the best day ever.”