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Philly Parents Fight Over Schools Closing for Super Bowl Parade

They may be happy about the Eagles win, but now they're stuck scrambling for child care.

For several school districts in the Philadelphia area, closing up shop so families could attend the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl victory parade was a foregone conclusion. But for some local parents forced to reorganize their work day to accommodate unexpected cancellations, the decision to close school for over 200,000 students was far from trivial. And they’re not happy about it.

The parade through downtown Philadelphia, which is scheduled for Thursday, has left a lot of parents scrambling to find child care for kids who have the day off from school but aren’t old enough to attend the parade alone. And while, sure, they’re happy the Eagles finally won the Super Bowl after years of disappointment, they would rather school doors stay open. Others, of course, are citing the once-in-a-lifetime nature of the Eagles Super Bowl victory as just cause for the cancellations and in true Philly fashion, think the parents should suck it up. In the eyes of a fan, a lifetime of near misses warrants a celebration too great to miss. According to some local students, even the Monday after the Super Bowl was met with scant school attendance.  

That said, the parade will cause other logistical issues as well ⏤ they’ll be road closures and public transportation delays all morning long. According to Kenneth A. Gavin, the Chief Communications Officer of the Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia, who closed all 141 of Philadelphia’s parochial schools for the parade, “Closing city and suburban schools made sense based on logistical limitations and past historical experience.” This isn’t the first time a Philly sports victory has resulted in some unexpected school closings. On the day of the parade that celebrated the Philadelphia Phillies win over Tampa Bay Rays in the 2008 world series, Philadelphia school attendance was at a record low.