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The Super Bowl Baby Boom Has Begun in Philadelphia

Nurses have been "told to expect a surge of deliveries" for the rest of November.

Getty Images

It’s been nearly nine months since the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl, marking the first-ever championship in franchise history. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out plenty of fans decided to celebrate the victory in the bedroom, as Philadelphia hospitals are now reporting “something of a baby boom” that many believe stems directly from the Super Bowl win. In fact, nurses have even been “told to expect a surge of deliveries” for the rest of November, as the baby boom is likely to last for most of the month, possibly into December.

On the surface, it may seem ridiculous to believe that a city’s birthrate could be affected by a sporting event, but the post-championship baby bump is a pretty well-documented reality. Nine months after the Red Sox broke the legendary Curse of the Bambino in 2004, there was a noticeable jump in little members of the Red Sox nation and a similar uptick was seen in Chicago after the Cubs finally won the World Series last October.

And it’s not just Americans. In 2009, Andrés Iniesta scored a huge last minute goal against Chelsea FC, propelling FC Barcelona to the UEFA Champions League final. As a study details, the city of Catalonia saw a 16 percent increase in births nine months after Iniesta’s goal (it was initially reported that births increased by 45 percent, but that was later found to be a slightly exaggerated number). Could that mean we’ll be seeing a flurry of French babies pop up in April? Only time will tell.

So, as a new generation of Eagles fans fly into the world, they can grow up knowing that if Brandon Graham didn’t strip sack Tom Brady, they probably wouldn’t exist. And instead, we’d be talking about all the babies born in Boston right about now.